Development Delay

Children who are not meeting typical physical, mental, or academic “milestones” can be considered to have a developmental delay. Developmental delay (DD) can mean many things can occur for many reasons. Appropriate milestones change depending on each child’s age and situation. Only a pediatric physician can diagnose a child to determine if they have developmental delays. Often they require the assistance of physical, occupational, and speech therapists to analyze a child’s strengths and weaknesses and decide how to assist them to achieve appropriate developmental goals. ANR’s therapists can assist children of any age with:

Language or Speech

  • Talking

  • Listening and understanding


  • Gross motor coordination (using their arms and legs)

  • Fine motor coordination (using their hands)

  • Crawling or walking

Learning Disabilities

  • Reading and writing

  • Following instructions

  • Numerical skills

Cognitive and Communication Skills

  • Understanding Speech

  • Short-term memory

  • Verbal expression

From Debilitated to Rehabilitated!