Neuro-Intensive Training

Cash-Based 1-to-1 Specialist Training for highly motivated clients with stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, brain or spinal cord injury. Get back to sports, work and general active lifestyle faster.

Sometimes an insurance-based program just isn’t sufficient for the progress you want to achieve within a particular time frame. This is especially true for many younger patients or any patient who is highly motivated to get back to sports, work or their general active lifestyle quicker than what insurance will cover. The effects of stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, brain injury, or spinal cord injury can be debilitating and extremely frustrating. What can also be frustrating is when insurance limits your recovery. A cash-based, high-intensity neuro-fitness program can help you overcome the effects of these conditions quicker, by helping you gain better strength and coordination … quicker. So that you can get back to your active lifestyle.

Here are some highlights of the Neuro-Intensive Training Program:

2 Week (10 Days) Program

1 to 1 Training with an expert in Neuro-Fitness Training, who are also experts in stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, brain injury or spinal cord injury. You are matched with the expert that is most appropriate for you.

80-minute training sessions (where the normal insurance-covered session is 40 minutes). This allows us to focus more on specific obstacles and accelerate recovery.

Comprehensive and customized for you with an empasis on high intensity strength and aerobic training.

Developed using latest research into exercise prescription, motor learning, and neuro plasticity (which is regaining funciton of damaged nerves or developing new neuropathways to compensate for damaged nerves).

Not limited by arbitrary insurance cut-offs.

Designed for clients who are committed to optimizing their physical performance.

Competitive pricing compared to other cash-based programs in AZ.

All participants receive a free T-shirt and water bottle.

Schedule Today, New Clients Get an Introductory $600 Discount.

Contact us to discuss this program more. Whether you’re ready to get started or simply have some questions, we’re here to assist you. New clients, call today and get a $600 discount. Get back to your active lifestyle without insurance limitations.

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