cof0985In the US, driving is our number one form of transportation when leaving our homes.  Loss of the ability to drive causes great distress for individuals who need independence and freedom in their lives.  However, driving difficulties can occur at any age for a number of reasons.  No matter the reason, the most important priority we all should concentrate on is road safety.

At ANR, we understand the importance driving has in everyone’s life and we hope to be able to assist in keeping our patients safe on the road for as long as possible.  We use the OT-DORA battery as a way to pinpoint driving weaknesses, whether they be cognitive, physical, perceptual, or sensory.  Once these weaknesses are targeted, we can work to make them strengths!

The DORA battery is not a pass/fail exam and is not an official MVD test. Advanced Neurologic Rehabilitation cannot certify or license drivers and any information collected is protected by HIPPAA law. Information will only be shared with the patient and their referring physician.

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