Speech Therapist and Therapy

The speech therapists at Advanced Neurologic Rehabilitation specialize in the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of common cognitive, language, and swallowing impairments associated with neurologic injury or disease. Your speech pathologists will utilize their unique knowledge of neuro anatomy, neuro pathology, and the most current evidence when customizing a treatment plan specific to you needs. Common impairments treated by ANR’s speech pathologists include the following:

  • Attention

  • Memory

  • Task Initiation

  • Task organization

  • Word finding

  • Dysarthria

  • Expressive speech

  • Receptive speech

  • Swallowing

  • Executive processing

Whether you would like to be able to better communicate your most basic needs and wants, remember your grandchildren’s birthdays, maintain your focus at work, or to go out to eat with your spouse, your ANR speech therapist can help you achieve your goals!

From Debilitated to Rehabilitated!